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Mikki Mase is an American businessman and pro casino gambler. His original name is Michael David Meiterman. He has some other names too. Some people call him Mikki Gambler and he introduces himself on social media as Dirty Goth Boi. His gambling skill is so good, that he is banned from almost every casino in Las Vegas. He often posts his gambling experiences and wins on his Instagram account. So if you also want to know how much Mikki Mase earns and what is his net worth? This article is going to help you know every possible detail about Mikki Mase available on the internet.

Mikki Mase net worth - Michael David Meiterman

Quick Facts about Mikki Mase

Real Name:- Michael David Meiterman
Date of Birth:- October 27, 1991
Place of Birth:- New Jersey, USA
Current Age:- 32 years
Profession:- Online Gambler
Net Worth:More than $15 million

Mikki Mase Net Worth and Source of Income

There are many rumors about Mikki Mase’s net worth. We confirm from various sources including his social media exposure, that he owns more than $15 million. Mikki Mase does not come from a wealthy family, so all the money he makes is by himself. he has multiple sources of income.

Rehab Centre & Pharmacies: When he joined the rehab center in 2013, he learned a lot about the rehab business because he wanted to establish his own rehab center. He established close connections with influential people in the pharmacy industry. He has opened more than 300 pharmacies in the US. The earnings from his rehab center and the pharmacies are what he shows on the internet as his source of income, but there are more things which help him generating money.

Mikki Mase has done a lot of paid interviews about his wealth, but there is still no exact number of his net worth. Some of his sources of income are given below:

  • Rehab clinics and pharmacies
  • Money Laundering
  • Earnings from his Instagram and YouTube account
  • Instagram Scams
  • Buying Crypto on a yearly basis
  • Investing money in different casinos.
  • Being financially backed by affluent business-people

Early Life and Career

Michael David Meiterman was born on 27th October 1991 in New Jersey, USA. His father was a professional racer. While Mikki was still in his childhood, his father was caught in organized crime and sent to prison. It affected Michael’s studies as the financial conditions of his family started getting worse. Later Michael was also caught selling drugs and sent to prison for 6 years. He himself accepted that he became a drug addict and that he couldn’t see a future from those worse conditions.

He then moved to New York at the age of 20 years in search of work. Back then, he was homeless and used to wander around the streets of New York. This was the time, Mikki joined a local gang and started criminal activities. In 2013, he came to Florida and started working in a tattoo shop where he has to stay sober. He also joined a rehab center to leave drug addiction and to bring his life back on track.

After getting a job in a tattoo shop, Mase worked at various renovation jobs. He developed many skills in short time span. After being recovered from his drug addiction, Mase started his own rehab center. Later on, he established a vast network of pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, and clinical labs.

Mikki’s Gambling Career

Mikki Mase started gambling at a very young age. But he was not very lucky in gambling earlier in his life. There were a few times, when he got a lot in gambling, which made his mind to take risks and gamble. He once went from $200 to $800,000 and in another situation, he went from $50,000 to $6.2 million. He went on to win more than $11 million in one gambling season, resulting in his ban from almost every casino in Las Vegas. People call him the proverbial king of Baccarat.

Social Media Presence

Mikki Mase has two official Instagram accounts named @mikaelmvse and @dirtygothboi. The second one is his most active account with more than 370 K followers. Mikki Mase shows his lavish lifestyle, gambling winnings, and experiences on his Instagram account.

He also has a YouTube account named @dirtygothboi with approx 11 K subscribers. Michael teaches people the gambling tips and tricks through his YouTube account.

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Michael David Meiterman aka Mikki Mase is a notorious gambling figure in America. His life from being a drug addict to a tattooed gambler is a challenging and inspiring story. His net worth is not official but can be less or more than $15 million.


Who is Mikki Mase? Why is he famous?

Mikki Mase is an American gambler and businessman who has a large chain of pharmacies, rehab centers, and clinical labs. His continuous winnings in gambling made him famous and people consider him as the proverbial king of Baccarat.

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