TooTurntTony (Anthony Dawson) Net Worth

TooTurntTony is an American social media personality, model, and wildlife conservation advocate. His original name is Anthony Dawson. He is well known for creating comedy skits, social experiments, and other videos involving his family and domestic ducks. TooTurntTony’s estimated net worth is about $4 million. Tony was on the list of Top 50 Creators of 2023 by Forbes with earnings of $2.9 million.

Social media personality and model TooTurntTony net worth

Quick Facts about TooTurntTony

Too TurntTony’s Real NameAnthony Dawson
Date of Birth: February 1, 1995
Place of Birth: Commerce, Michigan, USA
Current Age: 28 Years
Education: Western Michigan University
Occupation: Social media personality, Model
Net Worth:$4 million

TooTurntTony Net Worth 2024

TooTurntTony has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2024. Anthony Dawson aka TooTurntTony is a young American content creator. He posts videos and vlogs on his YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram accounts. Anthony generates a major part of his wealth from content creation, brand endorsement, paid subscriptions, merchandise sales, and modeling.

Source of Income

His annual income is around $2 million. As per Forbes Magazine, his total earnings were $2.9 million in 2023. The biggest contributor to his wealth is his TikTok account as Tony reportedly earns $16,000 per post on TikTok. Tony has his own beverage brand known as Too Turnt Tea, which he released in March 2023, in collaboration with Boston-based NOCA Beverages. Too Turnt Tea is a refreshing iced tea. It is available in 24 states of the USA. It is quite famous in USA and is making a notable amount of money for Tony.

Early Life

Anthony Dawson was born on 1st February 1995 in Michigan, USA. He has two siblings; a brother called Dominic and a sister called Maria. His mom Dina, his siblings, and his father occasionally take part in his videos. Tony completed his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in film, video, and media studies.


After completing his graduation in film, Tony started to work as a model. He worked for certain local modeling agencies. But his modeling career was not impressive. After leaving modeling as a profession, he tried his luck in a film production company in New York, but his job was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He also worked as a duck rancher on Vine, a social media network. He used to create role-playing videos featuring ducks to increase awareness of wetland conservation.

In 2020, when Tony was in quarantine, he started making TikTok videos, which instantly went viral. Later he included his family, friends, and his domestic ducks in creating comedic vlogs and social experiments.

Now Tony has more than 20 million followers on TikTok. Tony’s success on TikTok helped him to gain followers on other social media platforms. He now has approximately 4.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Tony’s growth from nothing to a social media star is very impressive and inspiring.

He started his YouTube career in 2020 and hit the 100 K subscribers count in 2021, which was a time span of about 1 year. He later hit the 1 million subscribers count in 2023 and now he is close to achieving 5 million subscribers on YouTube which shows his efforts and love towards content creation.

Net Worth Growth

TooTurntTony’s net worth growth is very impressive. Every year, he is adding approximately $2 million on his wealth.

Personal Life

TooTurntTony is reportedly in a relationship with fellow social media personality Briana Armbruster, well-known as the ski mask girl.

Some More Information About TooTurntTony

Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Girlfriend: Briana Armbruster (ski mask girl)
YouTube channel: TooTurntTony
Subscribers: 4.51 Million
TikTok Account:Tooturnttony (20.2M follower)
Active Years: 2020 – present


Anthony Dawson aka TooTurntTony is a famous American social media influencer who creates comedic vlogs and dubbing videos on his social media accounts. Currently, TooTurntTony’s net worth is $4 million, which is expected to be $6 million at the end of 2024.

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What is the real name of TooTurntTony?

TooTurntTony’s original name is Anthony Dawson.

Who is Maria Dawson? What is she famous for?

Maria Dawson is the sister of TooTurntTony. She is a rising TikTok sensation and an assistant of Anthony Dawson.

Is TooTurntTony in a relationship?

There is no clear evidence, but reportedly he is dating a model and social media influencer Briana Armbruster aka the ski mask girl.

Why is TooTurntTony famous?

TooTurntTony is famous as a social media personality who posts comedic and other engaging videos on YouTube and TikTok.

How much TooTurntTony earn per year?

According to Forbes, TooturntTony earned $2.9 million in 2022-2023. His average earning is 2 million per year.

Who is Duck Daddy?

Anthony Dawson (TooTurntTony) uses his domestic duck to create viral comedy videos. This is why TooturntTony is also called Duck Daddy.

How old is Tooturnttony?

TooTurntTony was born on Feb 1, 1995, in Commerce, Michigan, U.S. Currently he is 28 years old.


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