Sam Altman’s Boyfriend Oliver Mulherin -Altman’s Wife, Girlfriend

Sam Altman is an American businessman,  entrepreneur, and software engineer. He is the co-founder and CEO of Artificial intelligence company OpenAI. Before OpenAI he was the president of ‘Y Combinator’, the mother company of OpenAI. However, beyond the boardrooms and code, there is a secret personal life of this influential figure. What is the relationship between Sham Altman and Oliver Mulherin? Let’s explore Sam Altman’s wife, girlfriend, partner, and his secret personal life.

Sam Altman Wife - Sam Altman and his gay partner Oliver Mulherin
Oliver Mulherin and Sam Altman

Who is Sam Altman’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Sam Altman’s personal life is also very colorful like his career.  He is not married yet but has a partner. Actually, he is a gay and came out as gay when he was 17.  Nick Sivo was his ex-gay partner and he had been dating Nick Sivo for nine years. Altman and  Nick Sivo co-founded a mobile-based application company Loopt in 2005. They dated each other when they were at Stanford University in 2004. But in 2012, the company was acquired. After this event, their relationship broke up.

Who is Oliver Mulherin, the Current Partner of Sam Altman?

Oliver Mulherin is Sam Altman’s current gay partner (boyfriend). In an interview, Altman disclosed their relationship in September 2023. Altman said that they spend time at the weekend in his house at Russian Hill, San Francisco. He also said that they would start a family soon. They are planning to have a baby, Altman said in that interview. They were found together at a dinner in the White House, hosted by Indian PM Narendra Modi in early 2023. Altman also disclosed that he is a vegetarian but Oliver is non Vegetarian.

Everything Aout Altman’s Partner Oliver Mulherin

Altman’s Partner Oliver Mulherin is an Australian citizen. Mulherin was born in Melbourne, Australia, and currently, he is 30 years old. He is a software engineer from Melbourne University. He has been working with many AI projects including open source coding organization IOTA Foundation.


Oliver Mulherin completed high school at John Monash Science School in 2013 then he graduated from Melbourne University as a software engineer in 2016.

Professional Career:

Oliver Mulherin started his career as a software developer in the company “Vital-Sim” from Nov 2014 – Feb 2015. Then he co-founded PROPL and worked here from Aug 2015 – Feb 2017.

He joined IOTA Foundation in Melbourne Australia and worked here from Sep 2017 – Apr 2018. Afterward, he joined SPARK Neuro as a Software developer in 2019. He worked here from Apr 2019 – May 2020.

In Oct 2019 Oliver joined the company ‘Broadwing’ in New York City and worked there from Oct 2019 to Aug 2020. Currently, he is working in Meta as a software engineer since August 2020.

Sam Altman And Oliver Mulherin age

Currently, Sam Altman is 38 years old whereas Oliver is about 30.

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