Lil Man J Net Worth

Meet the kid who started singing at 13 and got popular off sounding like B-list rapper Lil Baby. At 13, he would record music using his earbud wires and the Garageband app on his phone. He grew up around people who loved music which was what influenced him to also become a musician. Do you know the earnings and net worth of Lil Man J? You will be surprised to know about the monthly earnings and net worth of this 18 years old young boy.

Lil Man J net worth

Quick Facts

Lil Man J Real NameJack Benfield
Date of Birth20 June 2005
Current Age17 years plus
Birth PlaceCharlotte, North Carolina, United States
Marital StatusNot Married
Lil Man J Net Worth $2 Million

Lil Man J’s Net Worth 2024

Lil Man J’s net worth is estimated at $2 million as of 2024. His monthly income is also estimated at $10k to $20k.

Source of Income

He earns money from his music on  Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeart, Pandora, and YouTube music. He also makes money from sponsorships, brand deals, and Instagram. Lil Man J also has a YouTube channel where he posts his videos. He is believed to make $10k to $20k from YouTube alone, especially since his ‘Caps Freestyle’ video has over 2 million views.

Singing Career

Lil Man J is an American 18-year-old rapper, singer, and musician born June 17, 2005, in South Carolina. This young rapper/musician started singing at 13 and rose to stardom with his hit single ‘Cap Freestyle’.

Although Cap Freestyle was the song that made him famous, that wasn’t his first single. At the onset of his musical career, he recorded his first studio single “Imma be Alright” in a studio in Charlotte, NC with the money he got from working as a car detailer. This song may not have gone viral but it certainly paved the way for his music career. This single did get some traction and grab the attention of certain independent labels.

Although Lil Man J is pretty young he has not let stop him from making waves and building a name for himself in the music industry. One of the things that skyrocketed this young rapper to fame was the fact that he sounded or tried to sound like rapper Lil Baby. And this is why his music had received both positive and negative reactions from critics and other musicians he did not let that stop him.

Lil Man J went viral on two occasions. First was when he posted a YouTube tutorial about how to make a Lil Baby song on YouTube and when Ourgenerationmusic an account on Instagram posted a clip of Lil Man J on Wednesday, July 6 2022 and Lil Baby commented asking “Is this a joke or he serious?” This post blew up and got over 7 million views. This event was a major boost to Lil Man J’s singing career, popularity as well as net worth.

Lil Man J Disability

By birth, Lil Man J is physically challenged. He was born with four critical medical conditions. He suffering from scoliosis, clubfoot, and a cleft palate from his birth. In a music video with YouTube star Kyle Beats, he admitted that he is unable to bend his finger due to Distal Arthrogryposis disease.

Social Media

He currently has 316k followers on Instagram. 1.6m followers on TikTok and 677k subscribers on YouTube.

Lil Man J’s debut on YouTube wasn’t well received. His first post was the original music video of his song. It’s Just The Beginning in 2019. This video has barely over 12k views on YouTube.

Lil Man J’s Real Name, Ethnicity, Siblings and School

Jack Benfield is Lil Man J’s real name and he attended Clover High School, in Clover, South Carolina. Lil Man J is Caucasian. Although he has never revealed much about his family, we know that he has two siblings.


Pretty Girl, Simple Man, On God, Soul On Fire, Deep Thoughts, Dominoes, So Real, Finally Going On, Backstreet, Never, Loyalty, It’s Just The Beginning, Rowdy, etc. You can find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeart, Pandora, and YouTube music.

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